North American History

America is a large country and it is divided into various parts and each of these parts has its own history. North American history will help people learn about this part of the continent. The history of this place is available through various texts as well as oral records and traditions.

North American History

The history has almost passed down from one generation to the other. America is one of the most popular countries in the world and this is the reason why lots of people have great interest regarding this country.

North American History
America was discovered by Christopher Columbus and since then it has created interest about it in the minds of people all over the world. The archaeological department has discovered certain things which belonged to the prehistoric era.North American history began to take the turn when the Europeans started settling in this part of America. The Europeans at that point of time tried to colonize certain countries of the world which had lots of resources.

North America Facts

The Native Americans usually lived in the northern part of the country but when the European settlers started coming they removed them from their land and captured the land.

Some of them made some treaties with them while the other did not even do that. The Europeans were successful in creating a colony in North America. In the beginning, when the Europeans came to America they just wanted to perform trade and exploration.

But later on these people forcefully started establishing their settlements and they even brought the black African American people as their slaves. They even started to increase their power and eventually took over all the power of America.

The North American history is equally important just like the other parts of this country. The colonizers went on ruling over the masses of North America till a certain point of time but later on North America too started revolting against these tyrants.

There were so many wars that took place in the history of North America. There was the Great War and the interwar. Other than this, the countries of North America were also involved in the world war especially the Second World War.

North American history is a favorite subject among the historians because lots of things happened within a short interval. At one point in time, it also had a problem with Vietnam and it almost created stagnation for the people of this continent.

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