Footprints of Early Native American – Hunters

Even before the Europeans came, America is already as diverse as it can be. It has long ago been inhabited by early Native American tribes. By far, early Native Americans have already established their own cultures even before others came into the picture. As such, early Native American history is so rich and nurturing. However, among the many who came, there are those who really stood out for arriving in the land of America earlier than the others. Follows are some of the Native American who can be considered as the “Early Birds”:

Early Native American – The Hunters

Many studies of American history reveal that that American was firstly occupied by Native Americans who are hunters. It has been said that the first set foot in America 20,000 years ago coming from Asia. In some literature, they are referred to as Paleo-Indians. Also, it was said that they came by traversing the lands of Bering Straits. Additionally, it was said that they were following herds. At the same time, they also have some distinct characteristics of being gatherers. One major proof that they are indeed the first is the fact that there was no sign of any human activities in Alaska and Siberia before them. After some time, they were dispersed all over America because of their nomadic nature. Some of the first hunting Native Americans are the following:

Early American Tribe – Apache

Early signs of the Apache tribe can be traced back to Alaska, Canada, and Southwest. The term Apache is derived from the term “Yuma” which means “Fighting Men.” This clearly represents their characteristics of being hunter-gatherers. As early Native American, this tribe was primarily nomadic. Their hunting activities usually target wild games. Their major preys include deer, coyote, fox, buffalo, and mountain lions. At the same time, they hunt for eagles for their feathers and not for their meat. At the same time, they gather cactus fruits and wild plants.

Early Native American- Apache
Early Native American- Apache

Early American Tribe – Blackfoot

This tribe is highly concentrated in the Great Plains, especially in Alberta and Saskatchewan. In contrast to the Apache tribe, they are not only limited to hunting; they also do fishing. They are known for being efficient in hunting. Among the many excerpts of Native American early history, the Blackfoot Tribe stood out both in hunting and fighting.

Early Native American- Blackfoot
Early Native American- Blackfoot

Early American Tribe – Arapaho

This tribe first set foot in Colorado and Wyoming. The tribe is basically similar to the others in the sense that its hunting activities are focused on Buffalo. However, what makes them stand out is their horsemanship. Their expertise in horse riding has enabled them to carry more loads of their prey, making it easier for them to collect more and cover more lands in their hunting escapades.

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