Wars in American History

Wars have always made history. Wars in American History have taken place in different countries at different points of time. America has gone through lots of turmoil. There have been certain wars which were meant to get freedom. The American war of revolution was one of the most striking incidents that took place.

The history of America is incomplete without proper knowledge of this revolution. The black people in America had been tortured over the years. They have been kept as the slave by the white people for years.

Wars in American History

The Revolution of America

The revolution of America lasted from 1775 to 1783. Great Britain had created colonies all over the world. Great Britain created at least 13 colonies in America. After a certain point in time, the Americans became outrageous and they revolted against the British.

Wars in American history have always been huge. Lots of people were involved in these wars and lots of people even died because of this war. After the war, the constitution was created and the first president George Washington came to power.

People gracefully accepted his governance and things were almost going well. But after this, the civil war broke out in America. This war began in the year 1861 and went on till 1865 and this was the first as well as the last of its kind that took place in America.

Wars in American History

Wars in American history are known by people all over the world and it inspired lots of directors to make a movie on this subject.

This war went to the extent of dividing the United States into certain pieces. The division which was created in this country could even be felt after 140 years of the war. This war resulted in a huge amount of death of people from America.

There were at least 600,000 deaths in this war. This war was one of the most devastating wars of its kind. Some of the causes that led to the division of were because of the constitution.

Wars in American history have taken the lives of lots of innocent people as well as the revolutionaries. Other than this, America also had connections with World War 1 as well as with World War 2.

The Spanish American war and the war of 1812 were also important in the history of America. The Vietnam and Korean conflicts were important periods in the history of American wars. The industrial revolution was also an important part.

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