Native American History

In Native American History,  does not lay down the facts of any particular period. History is vast and it can have a great range. Americans to have a wide range of history as different important things happened at different points in time.

Native American History

The Native American history is one of the important parts of the history of the United States. People who are known as Native Americans live within the boundaries of the United States, certain parts of Alaska and in the island of Hawaii. This is one of the political communities present in America.

Native American History

This community comprises of various tribes, ethnic groups, and states. There is a special term which is used to refer to this community. This term was controversial but still, it has been used in many places.

These people were known as the American Indians. The Native American history is quite interesting. They were actually the first people who started settling on the continent of North America.

Famous People

There were famous people from this community who left a mark in the history of the United States. Almost everybody knows that the history of America is not very neat. When the white people started coming to America and thought of settling there they found that the natives were already present.

They wanted to get the land from them. Some of them tried different kinds of tactics to take the land from these people while the others tried to go into some treatise to acquire the land.

The native’s American history can help you understand the kind of torture the natives usually faced from the outside white settlers. But still from there emerged some of the great personalities who went forward to become famous.

Native American Culture

Some of these people were the leaders of the struggle that the natives had to take up to protect their interest as well as their land. These people even tried to preserve the culture as well as the native’s American history.

The decline of the Native Americans started from the 16th century and went on until the 19th century. The decline was the result of epidemic diseases, warfare as well as genocide. The naïve American history even provides evidence of enslavement.

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