Famous People in African American History

African American People, history can sometimes offer facts which are quite interesting and good to learn but there are certain facts which can give lots of trouble to people. There are various incidents in history which are about injustice and torture. African American history has lots of things to offer the common people.

This history can surely be a learning experience for many. Slavery was a common experience in African American community in the previous years. The descendants from the African origin were kept as prisoners in America.

African American People

African American People

These people were kept as a slave by the white people who migrated from the European countries. There are some famous African American history people who fought with these white people and protested against the people who inflicted pain on them.

Lots of girls of African origin were bought as slaves by famous American white people. Famous African American history people went on to different fields. Some people have become great poets while other have become authors, athletes, actors and musicians, activists as well as educators and scientists.

Other than this, these people also proved to be great politicians who fought for this cause and freed themselves from the clutches of the white people. Some of the famous African American history people are Marian Anderson, Maya Angelou, James Booker, and Willie Lewis Brown Jr. Marian Anderson was a singer who was quite renowned all over the world.

She started singing in an opera and was the first African American to do so. Maya Angelou was a famous poet who belonged to the African American origin.

She went on to become a world-famous poet, historical singer as well as an author. She even became a social activist to fight for the cause of the African American people. The biographies of these people are written by various authors.

Some of them have also penned down their autobiography where they have stated the kind of behavior they received in this country. Some of these activists were a congressman who fought for the cause.

African American Women

African American Women are also found in the history of African Americans. February is a month which is famous for the history of the black.

The best thing about this community is that lots of women came forward not only to protest but also to do something on their own. These people live up to the expectations of the whole world as well as of their community.

More famous African American people are: Martin Luther King and even Barak Obama have created history by becoming the first black president in the history of America.

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