Arapaho Indians Tribe History

The original home of the Arapaho is the area we know as Manitoba Canada and Minnesota, the United States around the Great Lakes region. The Arapaho Indians Tribe History were mainly farmers that grew crops. However, the Cheyenne Indians along with the Arapaho were pushed out of their home by another tribe of Indians known as the Ojibwa that outnumbered both the Arapaho and the Cheyenne but the reason this tribe won was due to the French supplying the Ojibwa with guns.

Where did the Arapaho live?

Before the tribe was pushed from their original home, they landed in what is known as the Great Plains which was from Canada nearby the South Saskatchewan River to Montana, Western South Dakota, and Wyoming. After the tribe was pushed from their original homes they had to hunt for more food and instead of just mainly being farmers became hunters and used horses. Before long, the Arapaho became divided with some tribes moving to the south which caused a split in the society but that still remained very close in their beliefs with only their names changing – Southern Arapaho and Northern Arapaho. The land that the Arapaho called home after many moving spreads across southern Montana, the panhandle of Nebraska, the majority of Wyoming, western Oklahoma, eastern and central Colorado and the very far western part of Kansas.

Culture of the Arapaho Indians Tribe History

The Arapaho Indians Tribe History were known as a warring tribe and after being introduced to the horse became some of the most proficient warriors on horseback. Warriors of the tribe had a huge job to do which included guarding the camps from any attacks, provide food for the tribe, provide wealth for the tribe, and aid in keeping peace among the various camps.

Arapaho Indians Tribe History

Altogether there were 8 military groups among the Arapaho which had their own way of fighting, regalia, songs, and before and after ceremonies after a battle, and initiation rites to become a warrior.

Arapaho Enemies

The Arapaho since they were known as a warring tribe had their own other American Indian enemies which included the Comanche, Plains Apache, Cheyenne, Shoshone, Nakoda, Saulteaux, yellow-footed Sioux, Arikara, Flathead, Gros Ventre, Blackfoot, Kaw, Ponca, Osage, Ho-chunk, Omaha, and the Pawnee.

The Sioux War

Even though the Arapaho had many enemies throughout history during 1876 and 1877, they joined alliances with the Cheyenne and the Lakota Sioux to protect their land against the United States Army. Individuals that did not have permission to come on their land as part of the Treaty of the Fort Laramie found gold on the land and wanted to take the land and of course the gold for themselves. The problem was that this was Indian land as the land was sacred to the Dakota and Lakota Indians. Instead of standing by the treaty, the army moved in and protected the Americans that came to the area to settle and moved the various tribes to smaller reservations or in many cases killed the Indians that refused to leave their home.

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