Apache Native American Indians History

In Apache Native American Indians History, the Apache Indians originally were home in Canada, the area known today as Alaska, and southwestern part of America.

Apache Native American Indians History

The Apache tribe began to migrate to other southern regions of the United States which had the Apache’s divided into two different regions. The Rio Grande River divided the two Apache groups. So, to answer your question where did the Apache live, you can see they were actually scattered from Alaska to Mexico. However, in the majority of cases, the Apache’s did not just call one place home as they were nomadic which means they often traveled instead of staying in just one place.

Apache Houses

The Apache people instead of having one type of apache shelter but really had four different types of housing. The types included the Hogan which was created from sticks and logs that were covered with mud., the Kowa which was similar but created in a dome shape using poles from cottonwood and thatched with grass from the area, the Wickiup was the most common housing of the Apaches that was created from larger and thicker branches of trees and covered in various brush from the local area, and the tipi which was created from buffalo hide.

Even though both male and females were important in the society and often held important roles. When Apaches became married, the husband moved in with the family of the wife and it became his responsibility to hunt and work with the family. In the event of the wife dying, it was still his responsibility to care for her family. Wealthy leaders were allowed to have more than one wife but it the majority of cases it was women from the same family such as a cousin or sister.

Apache Native American Indians History

Apache Weapons

The main weapons of the Apaches were really according to how close they were to the animal or person. The close range weapon was the tomahawk, the mid-range was the knife, the long range was the bow and arrow and they also had a special weapon known as the war club.

Apache Tribe Food

In Apache Native American Indians History, Apache Native Americans main source of food was buffalo meat which was the main source of Lipan Apache food. On the other hand, some of the Apaches that lived in what we know as Kansas during the 1700’s started farming and not only ate buffalo but also grew crops life beans, watermelon, and corn. The hides from the buffalo were also used for Apache tribe clothing

Apache Tribe Facts

  • The apache native American tribe were the first to use horses
  • With the use of horses, Apaches now could hunt more than just buffalo so there could be more choices of meat including fox, turkey, elk, and deer
  • Apaches have two languages besides most speaking English today. The languages that were different were Western and Eastern Apache.
  • Children of Apaches began riding horses at age five
  • The Apache Indians culture included a deep religion with a variety of ceremonies that included singing and dancing. The tribe spent time praying to Gods, spirits and had the belief that supernatural beings walked among them.