The Choctaw Tribe

Choctaw Tribe was based on A Muscogean which is just the same as to the Creek Confederation. A historian named Henry Halbert gave a hypothesis that their name came from the phrase “Hachahatak” which means river people. It was speculated that their name originates from their oldest and earliest leader. They were Native American people that were originally from the Southeastern United States.

Choctaw Tribe

Choctaw Culture

The Choctaw tribe have progressed, grow and change from a merely small tribe that has the same language and culture. According to the past archives, the Choctaw were said to be helping the French, Spanish and British in the 18th century. In the Civil War that happened in the year 1750, the Choctaw tribe were part of it. They have been able to destroy and annihilate whole villages. The division was compelled by groups that were colleagues and has connections with the Spanish and some other French. This tribe has also battled on their own since it was reported that they have been in conflict with the Creeks or the Chickasaw Indians in some time in the 18th century. All Muscogean tribes have some similar characteristics with each other. For instance, just like the Muscogean tribes, the Choctaw tribe was also matriarchal which means that women rule or dominate the group and clan culture.

The Choctaw tribe have strongholds or fortifications in Ingomar Mound in Mississippi and Pinson Mounds in Tennessee.From the surface artifacts that were gathered, the mound called NanihWaiya was estimated to be first built, constructed and inhabited by native people called Hopewell from 0-300 CE, in the Middle Woodland period.NuniyWaiya is an ancient earthwork mound.

Choctaw Tribe
This mound can be found in Mississippi as well. It can be alternatively called as NunihWaiya. The Choctaw were said to be descendants of the Hopewell people. That is why the NanihWaiya mound was very sacred to them. In ancient times, this mound was considered to be larger than what it really looks like today. The reason behind this is that the shape had become eroded as time passes by.

Choctaw Tribe Facts

The primary and fundamental area was adjoined by a barrier that was a circular enclosure. Its height was about ten feet that it can cover and include a square mile. Groups of people started to inhabit NanihWaiya and some other small mounds that were near with each other until 700 CE or the so-called Late Woodland Period. Historians have speculated that some other and smaller mounds might have been created and constructed by later tribes. These uncertain facts might be because of the lack of development and improvements in the area since the late 19th century. It has not been touch since then, some theories have been hypothesized.

To add more about the Choctaw tribe, they were contemplated as one of the first five tribes that became civilized in the 19th century. They have developed their lifestyle because they embrace the handful of unique practices by the United States citizens.

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