The Life of the Famous Louisiana Indian Tribes

Louisiana Indian tribes were situated in the southeast part of the United States, just somewhere within the Gulf of Mexico. These tribes were known for their rich and ancient  culture.With many tribes coming together in one culture, it is only understandable that the region was composed of highly diverse tribes, as evident in the different languages that were spoken. In the records, Louisiana is the holder of the title of having the second largest population of Native American in the eastern part. One of the many Louisiana purchase facts is that  is that the abundance of lagoons and lakes in the area made it highly conducive as a residential area.

Life of the Louisiana Native American Tribes

Louisiana became a sustainable place for many Indian tribes due to the fact that it has many swamps and prairies. These places back then were considered as perfect refugee location. Unlike the many other tribes whose culture has been diluted by the foreigners, Indian tribes in Louisiana were highly adamant in ensuring that their traditional ways remained intact through the test of time. They did not openly welcome the culture from foreign settlers. Louisiana Indians were stubborn that way.

Louisiana Native Americans were good in making baskets out of canes. Other traditional items that symbolized the identity of the Native Americans in Louisiana include their usage of blowguns, log mortars and pestles, dugout canoes, and mud-filled timber construction. The strong resistance of the members of the Indian reservations in Louisiana made it possible for the tables to turn around; instead, their culture was the one being copied by the neighboring Native Americans and Europeans instead of the other way around.

Indian tribes of Louisiana were considered good as hunter-gatherers and hunter farmers. In general, the common language being used by the Native American tribes in Louisiana was Muskogean. Basic housing style evident in the Native American tribes Louisiana were Asi Wattle and Daub Houses.

Here’s how the Louisiana Indian tribes map looked like:

Louisiana Indian Tribe Map
Louisiana Indian Tribe Map

Louisiana Indian Tribe – Caddo

Louisiana Indian Tribe - Caddo
Louisiana Indian Tribe – Caddo

This Louisiana Native American tribe was known for the agricultural prowess. They were part of the group who has helped with the Mound Builders of North America. Aside from the generic housing style of every Native American Louisiana,this particular tribe was also into living in a beehive grass thatched houses. Their villages were known for having their own temples. At the same time, they also have the Caddoan language.

Louisiana Indian Tribe – Natchez

Louisiana Indian Tribe - Natchez
Louisiana Indian Tribe – Natchez

The Natchez tribe arrived in Louisiana after they fled from the assault of the French army. Their original location was highly damaged by the French people. In Louisiana, they settled within the area of the Sicily Island. This tribe was fairly religions considering their temples all over the place. During the year 1650, it was approximated that the total population of the Louisiana Indian tribe has reached around 5,000, and then declined into 300 in 1731.

Louisiana Indian Tribe – Choctaw

Louisiana Indian Tribe - Choctaw
Louisiana Indian Tribe – Choctaw

This Louisiana Indian tribe came from New Orleans. They were planning to just stay in Louisiana for a while. However, the characteristics of the location have made them decide to settle in Louisiana for good. The tribe was also into earthworks, as evident in how their villages were structured during that time. They were also adept in the usage of dugout canoes as their means of transportation. During the time of the wars between the United States, British and French, the Louisiana Indian tribe took the side of the French and American. This explained why their houses had similarities to that of many American structures.

Louisiana Indian Tribe – Chitimacha

Louisiana Indian Tribe - Chitimacha
Louisiana Indian Tribe – Chitimacha

This specific Louisiana Indian tribe is known for being efficient in staying in places for the longest time. In fact, based on current records, many members of this tribe still remained in their aboriginal homeland. What is saddening is the fact that their territories have been reduced through time. The tribe was being run through a class system. With this, they have stricter management compared to the Natchez. Their hunting activities were directed towards deer, alligators, and unique aquatic animals. At the same time, the tribe was good in making ceramics and basket weaving. Chitimacha tribe was highly renowned for their basketry skills. Many historians reveal that this skill was taught to them by a deity. Through the years, they were able to produce around 50 unique design elements.

Louisiana Indian Tribe – Atakapa

Louisiana Indian Tribe - Atakapa
Louisiana Indian Tribe – Atakapa

This tribe was originally sea base. They were said to be cannibals as they eat the flesh of their enemies.This was not exactly a common feat during that era. They were known to have spread all over Louisiana, as well as in Texas. They were discovered by Cabeza de Vaca. During the year 1650, the population of the tribe was said to be around 1500.

Another Louisiana Indian tribes worth mentioning are Houma, Tunica,Acolapissa, Adai, and many more.